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PropertyEditor - Superior property editing abilities

Improve your Windows Explorer and get information about every file

PropertyEditor is a system enhancement tool that lets you configure a great handful of properties for the selected files, folders and hard disk drives - all quickly and refreshingly easy.

Main Features:

  • Configure Context Menu for the selected files, folders and drives.
  • Change Icons for any file, folder or drive.
  • Viewing and changing NTFS paramenters: Streams, Junctions, Hard Links, Mount Points.
  • Get information about encrypted files.
  • Get Folder or Drive size, including all subfolders.
  • Multilingual support.

With PropertyEditor in place, you can configure the context menu for the selected files, folders and drives, change icons for the selected files and folders, create a report about the content of any selected drive or folder (the size of all subfolders and files is included). In addition to this, you can use it to configure many NTFS parameters, including Streams, Junctions, Hard Links and Mount Points. And you can learn who has access to encrypted files.

PropertyEditor seamlessly integrates into the Windows shell and works transparently throughout Operating System. Thanks to the low memory footprint, the program doesn't cut down on the system productivity and work of other applications. PropertyEditor can be accessed from the context menu of the selected file, folder or hard disk drive.

What benefits you get with PropertyEditor?

1. Maintain your hard disk size with detailed reports on the content of folders and drives

Among other features, PropertyEditor has the one, which may help you better track and analyze the usage of your hard disk drives, so that you can better organize their space. Not only does it tell you about the size of all files selected in a folder (like Windows Explorer), but also it reports on the size of files in subfolders of the selected folder. The obtained data is presented as a detailed report, which you can save as a single file for further comparison and analysis. For the sake of your convenience, PropertyEditor let's you sort the data by name or by size.

2. Context menu is bulging with needless items? Make it slim and usable again!

If you have been using your computer for quite some time, you probably have plenty of items in the context menu of Windows Explorer. These items are often added to the menu when you install new software. Obviously, the more items appear in the menu, the less usable it becomes for you. Fortunately, there is PropertyEditor that you can use to add or remove items to make the menu less confusing and more functional. You can also hide unnecessary menu items so that they become available only if you press SHIFT before opening the context menu.

3. Discover new abilities to view and customize all parameters of the NTFS file system

Many people are not even aware that the NTFS file system has a lot of useful features, such as Streams, Hard Links, Junctions, and Mount Points. Unfortunately Windows gives you no standard tools for working with them. Fortunately PropertyEditor lets you take advantage of all of them. Now, you can easily look through all mounted drives, mount any folder as a drive, add or remove links, look through the content of streams. You can also find all existing links in any selected folder or drive and learn who has access to encrypted files and folders.

4. Add a personal touch to your desktop! Customize icons with a couple of clicks!

With PropertyEditor in place, you can personalize your desktop environment with your own icons. You can set icons for the selected files, folders, or drives. In just two mouse clicks, you can change any old icon for a new one that adds more style to the desktop. Besides, setting your own icons may help you make files and folders more meaningful and easy to operate. This improves your productivity. You can specify default icons for drives, open and closed folders. At any moment you can restore the icons for files, folders and drives by clicking the Restore Icon button. Also, icons can be saved to the disk as graphic files.

5. Configure attributes for folders and files with ease

PropertyEditor lets you change attributes for the selected files, folders, and drives, even those which cannot be modified in Windows Explorer. You can configure such attributes as the creation, modification, and last access time, among other attributes. Also, you can disable updating the time of last access - it may increase the overall system performance if you have folders containing too many files. Info Tips for folders can be modified too. You can also apply the specified attributes for all subfolders and files.

Version: 5.1.1
Date: January 29, 2021
OS: (32 and 64 bit)
Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
Windows Server 2003/2008/2012


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