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Complete version history

Version 5.1.1 January 29, 2021

  • Fixed showing the trial info

Version 5.1 January 25, 2021

Main features:

  • Installation file contain both 32 and 64 bit versions
  • Added option to use short caption of the PropertyEditor page
  • Added option to force calculation of the folder size
  • Uninstaller is signed to prevent warnings from the antiviruses
  • Fixed uninstall
  • Fixed Subst deletion
  • Dropped support of Windows XP and Vista
  • Updated English and Russian language files

Version 5.0 June 27, 2016

Main features:

Page "Size":

  • Added support of Windows x64
  • Added support of Windows 10
  • Added installation for users without admin rights
  • Addet shortcuts to start menu for Size and Subst
  • Page Subst can be used for free without registration


Page "Size"

  • Added showing size in bytes for folders
  • Added information about the denial of access to folders while scanning
  • Increased speed of calculation the size of folders up to 10 times

Page "Subst"

  • Added feature "Mount on system startup"
  • Improved Subst page to support elevation rights for deletion

Page "Options"

  • Now you can change size of the PropertyEditor window

Page "Size":

  • Improved sorting by name
  • Fixed size determination for big files (more than 4Gb)
  • Some small fixes for context menu

Version 4.21 May 19, 2008

Page "Size":

  • Improved sorting by name
  • Fixed size determination for big files (more than 4Gb)
  • Some small fixes for context menu

Version 4.2 October 22, 2007

  • Added new 3 columns to the Windows Explorer (in details mode): SIZE, Files and Folders Now you can see size of folders in Windows Explorer (you need to add this columns from columns context menu)
  • Multilingual installer
  • New icons for Windows Vista context menu
  • Fixed installation to non system disk
  • Improved unicode support

Page "Size":

  • Now you can switсh to window mode
  • You can run the "PropertyEditor - Size" window from Windows Start Menu

Page "Icons":

  • Now you can change Icon for several selected files and folders

Page "Attributes":

  • Now you can change Attributes for several selected files and folders
  • Fixed option "Apply for all subfolders and files"

Version 4.11 09 October 2007

  • Fixed bug with multiple opened PropertyEditor windows

Page "Menu"

  • Improved translation of some context menu items

Page "Icons"

  • Improved Windows Vista compatability for folders
  • Improved "Restore icon" command

Page "Attributes"

  • Now you can change "Offline" attribute for files and folders

Version 4.1 03 October 2007

  • Added Windows Vista compatability
  • New interface.
  • Many improvements and fixes

Version 4.03 21 March 2006

  • Fixed some minor bugs

Version 4.02 23 January 2006

  • "TreeSize" page is renamed to "Size"
  • Some small improvements

"Size" tab:

  • Now you can see size for several selected files and folders
  • Files and Folders columns is added
  • You can show/hide columns and choose size format from columns header context menu

Version 4.01 15 December 2005

  • Fixed some minor bugs

Page "TreeSize"

  • Buttons "Expand all" and "Collapse all" is added

Version 4.0 05 December 2005

  • Unicode support is added
  • Improved interface
  • "Options" page is moved to context menu of "TreeSize", "Menu" and other pages

Page "TreeSize"

  • You can set up processing of Junctions and Mount Points
  • Increased speed up to 10 times

Page "Menu"

  • More convenient interface

Page "NTFS"

  • Subst: You can see all mounted drives with target path
  • Links: You can find all hard links for selected hard link
  • Streams: You can see all system streams and their type
  • Encryption: You can see encryption information for folders
  • New page "Search": You can find all links on your local drives

Page "Icons"

  • You can change icons for all drives

Page "Attributes"

  • NTFS attributes are separated from global attributes
  • The folder Info Tip is moved to this page

Version 3.52 8 September 2004

  • Windows XP themes support is added.
  • Crash on Windows XP Service Pack 2 is fixed.
  • Registration method is changed.
  • Improved security.

Version 3.5 2 November 2003

  • After right click on the folder or drive you can open DOS Window or copy selected files and folders to the buffer.
  • Now you can save to disk TreeSize report.

Version 3.42 21 August 2003

  • Some fixes of registration.

Version 3.41 21 August 2003

  • It is completely tested and compatible with Windows Server 2003.
  • Now you can create links for several files or folders simultaneously.
  • If the target link is created 'filename_link' that the link 'filename_lind (0)', etc. will be created.
  • Some small fixes.

Version 3.4 06 August 2003

Page "Icons"

  • Now you can easily customize and restore icons for files of any type.

Version 3.31 04 June 2003

  • Switching languages is corrected.
  • Some small fixes.

Page "TreeSize"

  • Now you can sort the folders by size and by name.
  • Context-menu item "rename" is removed.

Version 3.3 25 May 2003

  • Page "Menu" is added! Now you can hide, show, change and delete some items of the contex-menu of an explorer!
  • Some small fixes.

Page "TreeSize"

  • Context-menu item "delete" now works correctly.

Page "Settings"

  • Now you can disable showing the 'File Path' panel.
  • Fixed page reordering for files.

Version 3.22 14 May 2003

  • Explorer context menu for TreeSize is added.
  • Buttons 'Stop' for Icons and TreeSize are changed to buttons with glyph.

Version 3.21 12 March 2003

  • Fixed bug "List index out of bounds (-1)".
  • New languages is added.

Version 3.2 10 March 2003

  • Page "NTFS" renamed to "FileSystem"

Page "TreeSize"

  • Now you can hide or show percent for report.
  • Size added for root folder.

Page "FileSystem"

  • Subpage "Subst" is added. Now you can create substituted drive
    (Example: drive F: => C:\Windows\Temp).

Version 3.11 17 February 2003

[+] German language is added.
[*] Language switching is fixed.
[*] French language is updated.
Page "Icons"
[+] Hints for folders icons is added.

Version 3.1 15 February 2003

[*] Language switching is fixed.
[*] Installer improved: now no need uninstall older version PropertyEditor for installing new version.
Page "Icons"
[+] Now you can change icons for all folders (for closed and opened folders).
[*] Fixed cancel option for "Save Icon" and "Save All Icons" buttons.
[*] Improved work with large number of the icons.
[-] Adding icons for *.bmp files is removed.
[-] Button "Restore" is removed.
[*] Languages updates: Czech, Hungarian, Spanish, Traditional Chinese.
Page "Settings"
[+] Now you can disable showing hints.

Version 3.0 08 January 2003

[*] Help file is updated.
Page "NTFS":
[*] Subpages "Links" and "Streams" have swapped places.

Version 3.0 RC2 21 December 2002

[*] "Delete Link" is deleted from context menu of the Windows Explorer. Now you can delete Junctions and Mount Point normally and not lost content of the destination directory or drive!
Page "NTFS":
[-] Button "Create link" is removed for Directories and Drives for Windows NT.
Page "Attributes":
[*] Some are a small fixes for dates and times.
Page "Settings":
[+] Now you can hide subpage "About".
[*] Fixed saving page order for non english languages.

Version 3.0 RC1 18 December 2002

[*] Some improvements for installer.
[*] Changed method to registrations: now it file in home directory of the PropertyEditor!
[*] Fixed transparency for icon.
[-] Possibility of the creating the links for network drives and CDROMs is removed.
[-] Possibility of the removing the links for CDROMs is removed.
Page "Attributes":
[*] Possibility of the setting date and time for directories for Windows 98/ME is disabled (it restriction Windows 98/ME).

Version 3.0 beta 4 11 December 2002

[+] Multilingual interface for installer is added!
[*] Some bugs of the installation are corrected.
[*] Some productivity improvements for Windows 98/ME.
[+] Now you can delete Junctions and Mount Points from Windows Explorer context menu (DeleteLink item is added)!
[*] New more suitable format for creating Hard Links: filename_link.ext (old: filename.ext_link).
Page "Icons":
[-] Icons removed for Mount Points (presently we can't change this icons).
Page "NTFS":
[+] Now you can create Hard Links, Junctions and Mount Points after pressing "Create" button.
Page "Attributes":
[*] Fixed reading some NTFS attributes.
Page "Settings":
[+] Now you can setup visibility of the Drag&Drop and Context menus for Windows Explorer (Windows NT/2000/XP only).

Version 3.0 beta 3 02 December 2002

[*] Fixed some switching the language.
[*] Now property page is closed immediately after clicking on buttons OK or Cancel
(even though uncared-for treesize or search for icons).
[+] Now you can create mount points from context menu!
Note: Don't delete mount points from Explorer! Delete it from PropertyEditor!
[+] Icon added.
[*] Fixed some drag&drop bugs.
[*] Menu for creating hard link on another drive is removed (this restriction NTFS).
Page "Icons":
[*] Now property page don't "sleep" when you select directory for searching icons!
[+] Now you can stop searching for an icons.
[+] Now icons are searched for in subdirectories.
Page "TreeSize":
[+] Now you can stop TreeSize process.
[*] Improved velocity of the TreeSize.
Page "NTFS":
[+] Now you can delete mount points!
[*] SubPage "Encryption" removed for directories (We can't examine directories because the EFS API won't let us)
Page "Attributes":
[*] Fixed setting attribute for Windows 98.
[-] Removed number of links and id for file or folder (It present on the page "NTFS").

Version 3.0 beta 2 18 November 2002

[+] Now you can create Hard Links from context menu!
[*] Create Junction for Windows NT removed (NT does not support Junctions).
Page "TreeSize":
[*] Much improved. Now you can see size of all subdirectories.
[*] Now property page don't "sleep" when TreeSize worked with file system!
Page "NTFS":
[+] Viewing features of the Hard Links is added.
Page "Attributes":
[+] Now you can see the number of links to file.
[+] Now you can see unique id for file or folder.
[*] Fixed "Default" button property for Windows 98/ME.
Page "Settings":
[-] Possibility of the change the font for TreeSize is removed.

Version 3.0 beta 1 09 November 2002

This is a beginning of the long way. In the version 3.0 final we planned to realize:
- Creation and deletion of the hard links from Explorer context menu;
- Creation and deletion of the soft links (junctions) from Explorer context menu;
- Creation and deletion of the mount points for drives from Explorer context menu;
- Viewing all these features from PropertyEditor.
Thereby, in the version 3.0 will be accessible all features of the file system NTFS.
[+] Now you can create Junctions from Explorer context menu!
Note: Don't delete junction from Explorer! Delete it from PropertyEditor!
Page "Icons":
[+] For selected icon from list of the icons appears file name and icon index.
[+] Now you can save selected Icon or all Icons from the list.
Page "NTFS":
[*] If file system not NTFS, that page "NTFS" does not appear.
[+] Viewing contents of the selected streams is added.
[+] Viewing mount points for drives is added.
Page "Attributes":
[+] Now you can change updating "Accessed" attribute (only NTFS)!
Disabling this feature is useful if this machine is used as a fileserver and should be as fast as possible.
Page "Settings":
[+] Now you can easy download language files.
[+] Now you can modify font for TreeSize.

Version 2.0 27 September 2002

[+] Compatibility with Windows NT is added! (for Windows NT encryption inaccessible).
[*] Some are an internal corrections.

Version 2.0 beta2 03 September 2002

[+] Compatibility with Windows 98/ME is added! (for Windows 98/ME page "NTFS" inaccessible).
Page "NTFS":
[*] Fixed update of encryption information.
Page "Settings":
[*] Switching the languages is fixed.

Version 2.0 beta 28 August 2002

[*] PropertyEditor it is transcribed completely. Thank to ShellPlus (
[+] Page "TreeSize" added. Now you can view size of subdirectories.
[+] Multilingual interface added!
[*] Now Property Editor run only for one selected file or folder.
[*] Default order of the pages is changed.
[*] Some changes of design.
Page "Icons":
[+] Now you can select icons visually in PropertyEditor.
[+] You may find icons in selected folders.
[+] Now you can restore default icon for folders.
[+] If there is icons in file, that you their can look.
Page "NTFS":
[+] Now you can create and delete streams for files and directories.
Page "Attributes":
[-] Attributes "Compressed" and "Encrypted" disabled because be able appear conflict with page "General".
Page "Settings":
[+] Now when you change the order of the pages - its changes visual.
[+] Button 'Default' will help you to restore location of the pages by default.
[+] Now you can select language of interface of PropertyEditor.
Page "About":
[+] Now you may call What's New PropertyEditor.
[+] Now you may call help from PropertyEditor.

Version 1.5 beta 1 19 July 2002

[+] Settings of Pages now saves separately for files, folders and drives.
[*] Some improvements of the design.
[*] Pages reorganized. Now all features of file system NTFS are submitted for page "NTFS".
[*] Fixed update of the button "Apply".
[*] Check to licenses is fixed.
[*] Fixed error for disconnected device.
Page "Attributes" :
[*] Fixed processing the attribute "Encripted".
[+] Attributes "Compressed" and "Encrypted" now possible to change.
[+] Now possible assign attributes for all subfolders and files.
Page "NTFS" :
[+] Page "Encryption" added. Now you can view, who has encrypted file and who can his decrypt.
[*] Changed showing the name of the stream. Now name not contain system information.
Page "Icons" :
[*] Now you see correct icons for all folders and drivers.

Version 1.3 12 June 2002

[+] Page Settings added.
[+] You can move/hide some Pages. Now Pages fully customizable!
[*] Fixed repaint bug for Streams and Junctions.
[*] Fixed repaint icon for drives. Change the icons for drives works in Windows 2000 only.

Version 1.2 21 April 2002

[+] Page "Icons" added. Now you can customize Icons for folders.

Version 1.1 18 February 2002

  • Page "Junctions" added. Now you can view junctions for folders.
  • Page "Streams" added. Now you can view streams for folders and files.

Version 1.0 07 November 2001

  • Fixed some bugs

Version 1.0 beta 15 August 2001

  • First beta release
Version: 5.1.1
Date: January 29, 2021
OS: (32 and 64 bit)
Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
Windows Server 2003/2008/2012


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