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Print Censor

Print Censor

Advanced print manager

Print Censor does not stop at analyzing all printing activity, but is actually capable of setting printing quotas for the individual users and groups. When the limit gets exceeded, the printer simply denies the service. More importantly, Print Censor is a complete print job auditing and printer monitor software that allows system administrators accurately plan printing budget, service printers in time and make correct decisions about moving/buying new printers. Read more...

Network Password Manager

Network Password Manager

Password manager for enterprise

Network Password Manager is a program created especially for the enterprise. It helps employees to safely store and use passwords within the company, manage passwords and set access rights. It also provides the reliable security using 256-bit AES encryption. It works in multi-user mode and creates a common environment. Support of Windows user groups is included. A clear, user-friendly interface considerably simplifies the installation process. Read more...

Advanced Service Editor

Advanced Service Editor

Change the Windows Service Security

By default, Microsoft Windows does not provide an easy method to allow users to start, stop or modify Windows Services. Yes, you can use powerful command-line programs, but Advanced Service Editor provides a user-friendly GUI interface for this with just a few clicks of the mouse! With Advanced Service Editor you can provide for non-admin users the ability to restart Windows Services or even modifying service. Read more...

Remote Queue Manager

Remote Queue Manager

Print queue manager with preview

A professional tool to manage printer jobs. There is no need to install any drivers to control a remote printer. The program uses the remote computer's drivers. Instead of searching through non-descriptive job names, Remote Queue Manager allows you to visually preview documents in the spool, copy or move print jobs to any printer. Easily connect to a remote printer cancelling unwanted jobs or changing their priority. Read more...



Improve your Windows Explorer

A shell extension for Windows Explorer that allows you to customize desktop icons of each file, folder and drive on your choice, customize context-menu. PropertyEditor allows you to create detailed reports about the size of any drive or folder. With PropertyEditor you can see and edit features of NTFS, such as Streams, Junctions, Hard Links and Mount Points. Also with PropertyEditor you may easily change attributes of files, folders and drives. Read more...

Latest News

March 23, 2020
Advanced Service Editor 1.0

January 16, 2020
Remote Queue Manager 6.0
RQM Personal 6.0

December 2, 2019
Network Password Manager 5.3

June 27, 2016
PropertyEditor 5.0

March 22, 2013
Print Censor Professional 5.60

March 21, 2013
YouTube channel is opened!
You can view some video about Network Password Manager 4.0.

March 13, 2013
Print Censor Enterprise 5.60

January 17, 2013
Print Censor Personal 5.50.199
Reduced cost, added new licenses for home. Details...

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