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What's new in Print Censor 5.2:

Additional information about changes in Print Censor with screenshots

What's new in Print Censor 5.2:

New notifications for users and managers

Notification by email for user;
Notification by email for managers;
Pop-up message for managers

New duplicate printing restriction

You can activate this restriction to prevent printing several copies of the same document.
Also you can customize time interval for checking duplicates.

Use Active Directory emails feature

Now you can use emails for notifications from Active Directory.
When this option enabled you can't customize users emails.

Use Nested Groups feature

Now you can use nested groups for quotas and restrictions.

Configure Actions feature

Now you can Configure Actions for Pausing and Restrictions from the Options window.

Set Group restriction for All Users feature

Now it is easy to set restrictions for all Users from the selected Group. Just select Group, expand it and click the command "Set Group restrictions for All Users".

What's new in Print Censor 5.1:

  New Resources page

On this page you can work with:
Ports, Drivers, Forms, Printer Monitors, Print Processors.

On the Ports page you can:
  • Add new Printer Port;
  • Rename TCP/IP Port (unique feature);
  • Duplicate TCP/IP Port (unique feature);
  • Export and Import Printer Ports;
  • Export TCP/IP Port from remote to local computer;
  • Delete Printer Port

    On the Drivers page you can:
  • Add new Printer Driver;
  • Export Printer Driver from remote to local computer;
  • Delete Driver

    On the Monitors page you can:
  • Export Printer Monitor from remote to local computer;
  • Delete Printer Monitor

      New interface of the Queue page with Printers Folders

    With new easy to use interface you can:
  • Create custom Printer Folders, for example for Plotters;
  • Create Folders for Computers and Domains;
  • Copy Printers to created Folders
      New Lockout interface with support of the Managers

  • One user can be manager to other users;
  • One user can have several managers;
  • Manager can control and view print jobs for managed users.

  • (click to enlarge)
    What's new in Print Censor 5.0:

      Support of the Windows Cluster

    With Print Censor Enterprise Cluster Edition you can:
  • Save print jobs history for Windows Clusters;
  • Control unlimited number of the print spooler resources;
  • Authenticate users;
  • And more...

      New columns on the "Printers" page

  • Color column;
  • Authentication column;
  • Fast connect drop-down list;
  • Double click on any column to edit options;
  • Improved sorting

  • (click to enlarge)
      Page cost based on paper size

    Now you can use different cost for different paper formats.
    Available for you:
    Very small formats; Small formats; Large formats; Very large formats.

    (click to enlarge)
    Authenticaion feature

    With this new feature available for you:
  • Print Jobs Verification;
  • Authentication by Password;
  • Authentication by Username and Password;
  • Authentication by PIN Code.

  • (click to enlarge)

    (click to enlarge)
    The "Time of restrictions" feature

    Now you can customize time of restrictions.
    You can do it on the Customizing time window

    (click to enlarge)

    (click to enlarge)
      Expanding users

    Now you can expang user and see groups to which user belongs.
    Moreover you can add this groups to the Group

    (click to enlarge)
    Added new reports (on the Chart page)

  • Top 10 Most Active Printers;
  • Top 10 Most Active Users;
  • Top 10 Most Active Groups;
  • Top 10 Most Active Computers;
  • Top 10 Most Active Papers;
  • Top 10 Most Active Dates;
  • Top 10 Most Active Ports.

    Improved report preview interface.
    Added export to OpenOffice/StarOffice OpenDocument (Text Document and Spreadsheet).

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