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Compare Printer Auditing Features

Print Censor - Compare Editions of the Printer Auditing Software

Compare printer auditing features for different editions

Saving the history and content of printed documents for local printers +++
Previewing print jobs content in the print queue +++
Auditing Page cost based on paper size and page count or per paper length for plotters +++
Copying or moving print jobs between network and local printers -++
Protecting the program settings with per user access control -++
Restricting the printing of duplicate documents -++
Support nested groups for print restricitons and quotas -++
Notifications by email about restrictions for users and managers -++
Print Jobs authentication -++
Configuring and auditing the program remotely, from any network place -++
Setting printing quotas and restrictions for local printers (for users and groups) -++
Setting common printing quotas and restrictions for all printers in your network (for users and groups) --+
Limiting print jobs per printers, users and groups by size, pages, title, priority, copies and other parameters -++
Warning users about exceeding the quotas and limits of printing - using Messenger, Print Infomer or email -++
Auditing the cost of printing for any printer, user or group for any period of time -++
Auditing the cost of printing for all computers on the network at once --+
Pausing and Locking all new print jobs (documents) -++
Viewing the print history of print jobs for local printers and on any network computers remotely -++
Viewing the print history of print jobs for all computers on the network at once --+
Installing the program remotely to any computer on the network --+
Auditing and Monitoring usage of all printers on the network --+
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