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Basic terminology

1. Tree concept
All data in Network Password Manager is represented in a tree format with a strict hierarchy. Data storage folders can be created by individual users.

2. Folders
In Network Password Manager, folders contain each user's data. A folder stores all information including subfolders and records. You can create subfolders only within your personal folder. You may want to create subfolders to group password records. For example, you can group data by subjects: e-mail services, musical forums, etc.

3. Record
A record is the minimum unit of data storage in Network Password Manager. A record stores login/password data and other relevant information.

4. Tree navigation
You can browse the folder tree in two ways -- by mouse or keyboard. All standard Windows actions apply. Arrow keys are used to navigate inside an open folder. To open the necessary folder or record, you can use the "Enter" key. Hot key features come in handy when you need to add, edit or delete folders or records.

5. Data previewing
When you have selected a folder or record, all stored information will be shown. You cannot edit data while in preview mode, but it can be copied to the clipboard. Use the "Copy to clipboard" button located to the right of any field to perform this operation.

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