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Program options

The "Options" window can be accessed from the Options -> Settings... menu.

Program options window

Global options

Here you can manually define the port that Network Password Manager will use. It is generally better to use the default settings. You should only need to manually specify the port if port 9906 is being used by another network service.

Note: The port number must be the same in both the client and administrator applications.

Note2: By default NPM ports is 9906 and 9907, if you will change default port than you should open [YourPort] and [YourPort]+1 or your firewall.

Minimize to tray

This option lets you to minimize the program to the system tray.

Preview options

This section allows configuring the previewing of files associated with your records. File extensions listed in "exclude types of files" will not be shown in the "Preview" tab. It is recommended that you include executable files, pictures, and multimedia files in this list.

Files you associate with your records can be partially or completely loaded. To define how much of a file will be previewed, set its size in kilobytes.

Hot Keys settings window

Hot Keys options

This section allows you to configure hotkeys. You can also disable them.

To disable one of the hotkeys, simply clear the corresponding field.

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