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Search data

To search data, select any folder which you want to search content and invoke the command Search using main menu File-> Search...

Search data window

Search in data content

In the "Scope" field you can select the field for search. You can search in Name, Login, Password, Url, Comment, or in all these fields simultaneously. Type your request and click the Search button to search data.

Also you can search records which was marked as starred.

Search in data security

After selecting the scope "Security" you can search available records for a selected user. With this option, you can easily change passwords for all records with were available for the fired users.

Additional search

You can search by created, edited or expires date, also you can search records with attached files and records with weak and very weak passwords.

Search weak passwords

You can search records with weak or very weak passwords. Empty passwords are not checked. The search is based on the main password and passwords for SSH, Program and Shared Folder fields.

Note: You can't search in the deleted records.

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