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Installing on Linux

Installing Network Password Manager Client on the Linux

The NPM Client can be used without installation, just run and connect to the NPM Server. But if you want to add a NPM Client to the applications list and be able to add it to your favorites, you need to install it.

You should unpack the installation file to desired folder. After unpacking, you will need to configure the client.

Installing using the Network Password Manager Client

1. Run the npmclient file
2. Click on the Options main menu item with Ctrl key pressed
3. Select the command "Create .desktop file"
4. npmclient.desktop file will be created and installed for current user

Installing from command line

Install for current user:
$ ./npmclient -installuser

Install for all users:
$ sudo ./npmclient -install


For current user:
$ ./npmclient -uninstall

For all users (and for current):
$ sudo ./npmclient -uninstall

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