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Moving database to the new server

Preparation steps

Before moving, you should make sure that your database is ready to work with new server.

  1. Old and new servers in the same domain
    You should not make any additional steps to prepare and your database is ready for moving.

  2. Your servers is members of different domains or without domain
    You should make sure that your database security settings for root folder does not have owner from old domain.
    Change it to the "BUILTIN\Administrators". After this your database is ready for moving.

  3. Your old server damaged and you need to move your database on new server
    Install Network Password Manager and move your database using steps described below.
    You can change you security settings using Security Admin user.

Moving database and registration key

The details below will assist you to move your database to the new server.

  1. Install Network Password Manager to the new server
  2. Stop NPM service from NPM Admin on the both servers
  3. Copy Data folder from old server to new server (By default this folder located in C:\Program Files\Network Password Manager)
  4. If you have registered version than you need to copy your registration key from old server to the new server
  5. Start NPM service on the new server
  6. If you use custom encryption of your database than you need type your password using NPM Admin (menu Options -> Settings... -> Encryption)

Now you can connect to the new server.

Upgrade the NPM to the latest version

You don't need to make any additional steps for upgrade your NPM. Database is backward compatible and you can make steps described above for moving your database.