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Configuring the program

Configuring Security Administrator

First of all we recommend you configure Security Admin user. After this you can be sure that your database is ready for moving to the new server at any time and for restoring all security settings for any folder and record.

Configuring Network Password Manager

Start Network Password Manager and find an unused port on your system. Once a port has been found, you must select it in both the server and all client PC applications on the network.

Setting port address

Configuring Network Password Manager Server

Start Network Password Manager Admin to configure the administrator properties. Initially, "Settings" must be selected from "Options" menu. There you can specify an unused port number. Also you can optionally turn on data encryption for information transmitted inside the network under a login and password. The Password Generator is very useful for this purpose. (Password Generator settings are defined in the client application.)

Configuring Network Password Manager with Options.ini file

Using the Options.ini file, which is located in the installation folder of the Network Password Manager you can easily configure many parameters of the Client and Server. Many of these parameters can be centrally delivered to clients when they connect. For example, here you can rename the fields Custom1, Custom2, Custom3. Also available here are options for advanced debug mode settings and others. Each parameter in this file has a detailed description.

Note: New users can be added easily using standard Windows functions. To add a new user go to the Windows Control Panel -> Users -> Add new user...